Thanks for considering The Refined Pen for your calligraphy job!  I would love to work with you for your special event.  Here are some FAQ’s for how we can work together…

Reserving your spot:

In order to put you on my calendar, I will need to confirm the date that you want the invitations, the style/ink color you want and the number of invitations (you can inquire using the form on the Contact page.)  I will estimate your total job and a 50% non-refundable deposit is due upfront to reserve that return date for you.  The entire deposit amount will be applied to your calligraphy job.  I may have to turn away work to keep that date for you which is why there are no refunds of deposits.


  • I accept personal checks, cash and Venmo bank transfer (not credit card).

Terms and Turn Around Time:

  • 50% non-refundable deposit due to reserve your shipping date. The entire amount of your deposit will be applied to the total cost of the calligraphy job.
  • Deposit is determined by an estimate of the number of envelopes to be addressed or the type of job.
  • The balance due must be paid in full before the job will be delivered or shipped.
  • Most invitations are mailed between 6-8 weeks before the event depending on the kind of event, if you are using an RSVP card, etc…   You will  also need to allow for shipping time and time to proof the envelopes when deciding what date to ship and your desired date to of return.
  • Gel pen styles can be produced quickly if you are in a rush.
  • Rush orders for any style may be able to be accommodated for an additional charge.


  • If you are in the Birmingham area:  I live between Trussville and Springville…and will coordinate pickup and delivery of your envelopes if I am already planning to be in town for a $10 each time or I can meet you in the Trussville area at most any time for a $10 charge.  Or you are welcome to come to my home to deliver and pick up materials.
  • Out of town:  All shipping costs are your responsibility and return costs will be included on the last invoice.   Once the envelopes are left for shipping any damages that occur are the responsibility of the shipping company or US Mail.  If you would like the shipment insured, please let me know.
  • It is a good idea to put the envelopes in a large Ziploc-type storage bag inside the box for extra protection.  Better safe than sorry when shipping!

Materials and Mistakes:

  • Please include 15-20% extra envelopes in your order (20% preferred for dark or lined envelopes.)  Occasionally there will be a splatter of ink or I will make a mistake – and sometimes there are errors on the list or you may have additions.  I have found that 15% is a comfortable margin to allow for additions and changes of address, especially with orders of 150 or more.
  • Once you receive the envelopes any mistakes that I did not catch I will redo and send to you at my expense.  Additions to the initial list and any re-dos that are your error will be charged at the same rate.
  • I will keep some envelopes for any additions or corrections.  NOTE:  I will do additions, changes or corrections ONE time after the initial order is done.
  • NOTE:  Not all envelopes will accept calligraphy ink.  Some porous, textured and glazed envelopes will bleed or run.  Please ask your invitation provider to make sure your envelopes are “calligraphy ink friendly.”  You can always send me a sample to be sure before we get started.

Address List:

  • I convert Excel lists to Word to work from – here are my Excel List Guidelines This is one place that I’m not very flexible 🙂  If I have to tinker with yoru list – there will be a formatting charge.  You are welcome to send me your list in progress before the order starts and I can make suggestions if needed.
  • For envelope etiquette questions, please refer to this link or click on the excel link above for some general information :  But it is YOUR wedding – if you’d like to be less formal and do your own thing…then do!!  I also have a guide I can email you.
  • Please type your list in 12 or 14 pt type, in an easy-to-read font (Arial, Tahoma, etc..)
  • Alphabetized lists are preferable  – and it will be much easier for both of us in the end!!
  • NOTE:  Your addresses will be written exactly as they are sent – so proofreading is very important.  If given enough lead time, I will do a cursory  review of the list and contact you with any questions.   This is not a formal proofing and I can miss something!  It’s just to get initial questions out of the way.  After you proof them, it is a good idea to have someone who has not been staring at the names for weeks like you have to proof it as well.  Even if I think there might be a mistake, I won’t second guess you and will write it exactly as you have written it.