I'm Avivi Behel.

That would be "ah-vee-vah beel."

I am an Artist in Residence with UAB Arts in Medicine - providing visual art experiences to patients, staff and others in the Birmingham area.

  • Has a kind hubs, 2 really cool daughters and the best sons-in-law. They would want me to mention my 3 granddogs (Fawkes, Leo and Lafayette), one grandcat (Mustache) and grandrabbit, Moose.
  • Been writing "fancy" for a long time.
  • Believes beautiful writing can make people feel special - and that's a lovely thing.
  • Likes old movies, long hikes with the hubs, any time I can get with my grown kids, exploring new places and is a late in life "cyclist" with dreams of riding long and fast but somedays the trainer is as far as I get.